Pressure Cooker


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Pressure cooking is simply the method of cooking food inside a sealed container called a pressure cooker, using either hot water or a commercial water-based cooking fluid, at high pressure. High pressure capabilities allows cooking temperatures well over 100 Celsius to be achieved, well beyond the boiling point of water. In a pinch, you can even cook pasta at these high temperatures with a pressure cooker! You can find a pressure cooker to suit your cooking needs at any home store or convenient store.

A bachelor griller, mini grill or broiler is an inexpensive countertop cooking appliance roughly the size of a small microwave oven but rather than cooking, broiling or roasting food, it actually just cooks. In other words, it just makes food hot and ready to eat while you sit around the table and chat with friends and family. They are convenient because you can get one for just a few bucks and can use them over again or save them for special occasions. Some models are even small enough to fit on your counter top in the kitchen area. You can cook just about anything on one of these handy units and they will keep foods moist and tasty, especially when you use them indoors.